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30 lessons in 30 years

Ask yourself, what advice would you give your younger self? I'm sure looking back, you realize the things you thought mattered the most, mean nothing now. Am I right?

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Below are 30 life lessons that I learned in my amazing 30 years of being on this planet :)

  1. You cannot truly love someone until you love yourself first

  2. Without health, nothing else matters

  3. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not capable of something

  4. Be honest, don't hold back if it bothers you

  5. You don't need everyone to like you

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6. Don't waste time on people that are not invested in your relationship, even if it's family

7. It's okay to feel down, unmotivated, or lazy from time to time

8. Appreciate what you have and be grateful for it everyday

9. Don't compare yourself to others, envy is the devil

10. Social media is only a glimpse of someone's life, you will never know the back story


11. Do one thing a month that is new and learn from it

12. Keep your goals realistic, but make them more challenging as time goes by

13. Not everyone has the same timeline as you, it's okay not to have kids when you are 30 and travel the world with your husband :)

14. Cherish your parents; you don't realize what void it leaves when you lose them

15. Learn not to hold grudges, but also keep your guard up when needed

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16. Many people will come and go in your life. It's very rare to have the same people in your life that you did 10 years ago

17. Save $$$$, can't stress this enough! LOL

18. Traveling will make you richer like nothing else in the world

19. Do not use your phone when you are in a company of others, especially your partner

20. Don't assume your husband will know what made you upset, tell him like it is, he can't read your mind!

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21. Your partner should be your best friend

22. It's okay to marry your high school sweetheart :)

23. Talking solves everything!

24. Substitute negative thoughts with positive ones. Don't let it consume you

25. Life is about being 5% lucky, and the rest comes with hard work or being born into $

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26. Know when to quit or walk away. It's ok to do so

27. The one person you can truly depend on is yourself

28. Even if your world is crashing down, tomorrow could be a better day

29. Pets can be better for you and your mental health than some people

30. You are here for a reason, make it count <3

Take a moment to reflect on all the positive and good things in life and don't waste your time on negative energy! Life is short, so make it count.




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