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5 Countries that should be on your Bucket List!

If you love to travel, I am sure you have a bucket list of places and destinations that you cannot wait to see. I feel like our bucket list is never ending, and every year we just add more countries that we would love to visit. With the world starting to open up, this may be soon more possible to achieve. This is why you have to add these next few countries to your list! Trust me, they will not disappoint you.


This amazing Spanish island is a true paradise. We only spent 4 days here, but if you love the Spanish architecture and beach life, this place is for you. There is so much to see and food here is just amazing!

Must see: Mirador de Sa Calobra (not for those who are scared of some windy roads)

Tip when visiting: This island is heavily inhabited so if you visit during summer times, it is extremely difficult to find parking especially in the bigger cities, plan ahead!



Ireland is so rich in history, that it's impossible not to be in love with this place. Everywhere you go, there are tons of ruins that are just waiting to be explored, and the people here are the nicest human beings ever!

Must See: Giant's Causeway (come here for the sunrise before everyone else)

Tip when visiting: Renting a car here is a must, but Ireland being part of the UK, you will have to drive on the left side. According to Kam (and I can vouch for it), it's not as hard as it may sound like. You will get used to it really quickly!



Belize is probably not a place people think of going to when planning on vacation. However, this place is amazing not only for its Mayan Ruins, but is also rated one of the best places to snorkel. Also, it is a popular spot for swimming with sharks (we unfortunately did not get to do that since the water was too murky after a heavy rain).

Must See: Xunatunich Mayan Ruins (will take your breath away!)

Tip when visiting: Unexpectedly enough, English is the main language spoken here! So have no fear, since you will be able to communicate with the ones living here.



If you know us, you know this is our favorite country in the world. This Mars like landscape and the unique views totally stole our hearts, and we cannot wait to go back! If you love hiking and you are not afraid of little cold, and some rain, maybe wind, and potentially snow, then this should be the next place you visit. The second you arrive here, you will feel like you literally landed on a different planet.

Must See: So hard to pick one, but I would say Kirkjufell

Tip when visiting: No joke, buy groceries and make food. We thought Hawaii was expensive, but if you plan on going out to eat everyday, you better start saving up now :)



Quick gateway to escape the winters, especially for us here in Chicago. Cannot go wrong visiting here and spending few nights at an all inclusive hotel, while sipping on a Miami Vice. BUT, there is so much more to Mexico then just staying in Cancun and partying. If you feel comfortable enough, rent a car and explore a bit of what this awesome country has to offer.

Must See: Cenotes! There are over 6,000 of them here! Make sure you visit Grand Cenote

Tip when visiting: If you rent a car, you will not be able to tank up on your own. There are gas station attendants that will do that for you.

A picture of a couple in Belize

Hope you will enjoy these 5 countries, the same way we did when we had the opportunity to visit them. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you end up following our footsteps!


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