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Travel Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Finding the right gift can be stressful, especially if you are like me, and want to ensure that the gift you give is one of a kind. This is why we put together this awesome gift guide, so you can get something unique for one that loves travel!


Jacob Colinn bracelets

We are both not huge jewelry wearers, but these bracelets are the best! You can easily get them personalized by adding a special date or initials of your loved ones. Perfect gift for your significant other or even a friend or a parent. They come in many styles and colors, and can be easily matched with any outfit you wear.


Atlas Coffee

Watch out coffee lovers! Atlas coffee gives you a subscription to try coffee from all around the world without having to leave your home! Isn't it the best?! Every month you get to try a different coffee which arrives with a stunning post card and some great facts on the country of origin.


Tesalate Towels

I am personally not one to love the beach mainly because the sand gets everywhere! But hold onto your horses because Tesalate towels are sand free and they come in the cutest designs! They also come in two sizes and can be used for variety of activities; from swimming in the ocean, to doing yoga in your backyard, to a picnic on the side of the road. They are very versatile, dry quick and take little space when traveling with.


Driibe Backpack

Driibe backpacks are amazing to travel with because of all the features they come with. The bag has a padded laptop partition, antitheft pocket, jacket holder, and you can even expand the bottom it to make it bigger simply by unzipping the bottom padding(if you are like us and need more room when traveling). It is definitely one bag that will make your travel easy and in style!


Bangs Shoes

Traveling in style is what we like to do! When you are trying to pack everything into a carry on, it is very important to be smart about the things you take with you. BANGS shoes are the best because not only are they comfortable, but also super stylish with their designs, so you can match them with many outfits!


Glow NaNa

This beauty comes in two sizes, and is inflated by running around! Fun isn't it?! The bigger one can comfortably fit two people and is amazing to pop open when you travel. The best thing is: it glows in the dark! We took it with us to watch stars in Colorado, and everyone was asking where we got it. It comes in a small bag, so it is easy to carry around.

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Enjoy The Wood

If you love to travel, and appreciate wall art, then this wooden map is perfect decoration piece for your home, especially if you are like us and have no idea what to do with your big, blank wall :) Putting it together takes a couple hours, but it is a very fun activity which you can easily turn into a weekend date night! The map comes in variety of sizes and colors as well!


RainbowOPTX sunglasses

These glasses come in numerous colors and styles! I usually squint my eyes when it's bright out, because the sunglasses I tend to wear do not block the UV rays. However, these babies are amazing! They are also super stylish and the colors are super fun and playful.


Wilde Nomad

We are suckers for personalized items, but these mugs are simply the cutest! I feel like gifts with names and dates are more meaningful, and these guys will always remind us of our travels. Besides the cute look, they are very practical with their metal design and make for a perfect companion during a camping trip.


Karlek Backpack

Karlek backpacks are not only light, but very unique in the way that you can draw on them! Get creative by drawing anything you want with washable markers, once you are tired of your design, you can throw it in a wash, and the bag looks brand new. It's an awesome gift for anyone that likes to get artsy and crafty!

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