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Welcome to our blog and 1st post!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We go by Adri and Kam, high school sweet hearts, who share passion for travel and adventure. This is our attempt at documenting and sharing our trips, successful or not, with family, friends and those of you who are ready to set out on your own journey and simply use our posts as inspiration to create memorable memories for yourself.

California coast. California beaches.

As we share our stories and and opinions about places we have gone, Adri and I have chosen to write these posts without disclosing who will write them. As you begin to read our posts, you will learn soon enough, who the stronger and far more experienced writer is and let me begin by saying, it's not me!

I, Kam, never enjoyed writing stories, let alone share personal experiences with the world. Personally, I find this to be a difficult thing for me to do but healthy according to my wife and some mental health professionals. Especially, since I've never had any type of social media. This is where Adri and her experience come into play, as she is the one who spearheads our instagram account and does all the picture magic, I'm just the guy with the camera. So enough with the chit-chatting, hope you all enjoy our stories, adventures and all the beautiful places the world has to offer, from our point of view.

Be mindful that everything that we post in our blog is based solely on our opinion, unless information has been used from other sources, which then will be credited accordingly.

Side Note:

As you travel, first time or not, always be mindful and respectful of other ethnicities and cultures. Always respect the environment, regardless of how good of a selfie or picture it may be. As a fellow traveler, take on the responsibility to clean up after yourself and leave no waste behind!


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