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10 tips for Traveling Couples

Imagine it's a cold Chicago Friday morning, you are supposed to fly to St. Martin where the sun is shining and all you can think about is to put on a swimsuit and jump into the ocean. Well, fast forward 2 hours later to find out your flight is cancelled, and there is no other flight till the next day. You are already in Miami, so you cannot go back home, you are spiking a fever and the last thing you need is a cancelled flight. BUT! you are with your significant other, and you are in this together :)

travel couple

Traveling as a couple for us has taught us so many things about one another, and honestly we cannot imagine traveling any other away. Here are 10 tips on how to travel as a couple:

1. Pick a destination that excites you both!

Luckily Kam and I love the same things when it comes to traveling, so that is never an issue. We always just feel super lucky to be able to travel and see so much, so we are thankful to go just about anywhere!

2. Allow "you time"

For those that are not together 24/7 like we are, being together all the time during a trip could be exhausting. Make sure to allow one another some alone time whether it is to take a nap or read a book by the pool. In the end, you are traveling to rest, aren't you :)

travel couple

3. Try something new

I will be honest, personally I am the more "not risky" type and as much as I love some adrenaline rush, I do like my life, and am not a fan of doing something too crazy. Kam on the other hand, is up for anything, which is what I love so much about him. Regardless, of what level of risk you are willing to take, try something new. Let me tell you: swimming with manta rays in the middle of the ocean in pitch dark sounds terrifying, but we will never forget that experience!

4. Find a happy medium between being in the moment and capturing the moment

Being a travel blogger (I still am not a fan of calling myself that LOL), we sometimes forget to live in the moment and enjoy what is around us. Most of our trips focus on content creation, which we love to do, but being able to find a balance between the two is super important.

5. Plan ahead, but have a plan B

So this can go both ways. Yes, plan ahead, so that you are not scrambling last minute to get a rental car or a hotel for the night, and end up overpaying, but also don't be discouraged if your plans change. Kam will tell you: I always have a heart to heart with mother nature whenever it rains. But guess what? We cannot control it, so have a plan B!

6. Leave problems where they happen

I always say: if it won't matter in two weeks, no point of getting mad over it. The last thing you want to do is argue and let it control the rest of your trip. So you missed an exit, and need to drive 5 minutes longer? Not the end of the world, right?

7. Be open minded

Kam is a big foodie and LOVES to try out new cuisine or even local beer from a nearby brewery. I don't drink beer at all, but I always join him without a hesitation, because I know it's something he enjoys. Be open minded and enjoy those moments for one another.

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And I don't meant just talk like you do every day. This is your time with one another to sit down and chat about things that sometimes you may not have time at home because of the every day life happening. Nurture your relationship and fall in love again with one another.

9. Balance is key

This is a big one for me especially, because I am probably one of the hardest people to travel with, mainly because I am always Go, Go, Go! The way I think is, I will sleep and rest at home, I am here to travel, and see as much as I possibly can. Sure, maybe that's what I WANT, but I have to also keep in mind what my other half wants. Especially since he drives all the time, so he must be exhausted sometimes, and wants to sleep in. That is why balance is key; with anything when it comes to traveling.

10. Relax and Have fun!

Yes, your flight got cancelled. Yes you are not feeling too great. Yes it's below 20 degrees where you are and all you want is a Mai Tai and let the sun do its magic. You will get there, and everything will be okay. Even the worst experiences make some of the best memories. Those things will only make you grow more as a couple.

Hope you enjoyed this segment, considering it was bit different :)

travel couple


Adri & Kam

"In life it's not where you go, but who you travel with"- Charles Schulz


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