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Instagrammable Las Vegas

Updated: Mar 26

For those who never visited Vegas, it may sound like a place of gambling and non stop partying. However, there is so much more to see and do! After visiting Vegas over 10 times now (once we turned 21 we have been here at least once a year), we decided to venture out a bit, and see what else this sin city and its area has to offer. Next time you visit this gambling capital of the world, make sure you check out below!

Paris Hotel- Eiffel Tower

Without flying into Europe, you can feel like you are in France at the Paris Hotel. The best photo opp is from the Bellagio hotel (across the street), so that you can capture the whole Eiffel Tower. Make sure to get some yummy crepes if you are staying or walking through the Paris Hotel, they are so delicious!


Symphony Park

I found this spot on another blogger's website, and I am glad we drove by here! Wear something colorful and twirl your way around these vivid pipes. It is about 10-15 minute car ride from the strip.


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is roughly an hour drive from the strip, but you can easily spend a whole day here. The orange rock formation is something out of this world, and makes you feel like you are on Mars! There are many beautiful trails that are moderate in length, and you can easily explore what the park has to offer. If you are staying in Las Vegas for several days, this is a must!


Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

EVERYONE wants to take a photo at this iconic place, but unless you are there at 6am, there will be a very long line greeting you. If you arrive and see a long line, I suggest to go to the side, and capture a photo without waiting (photos above were taken without waiting in line LOL). Most of the time, there is "Elvis Presley" taking photos with visitors. Just be sure to have couple dollars for a tip :)


Venetian Hotel

Unfortunately this is as close as we will get to Italy or Venice this year. This hotel's architecture really depicts what Venice would offer (I think LOL, never been). Crazy thing: Venetian Hotel actually offers boat rides on their gondolas, on the second level of the hotel! If you can't visit Italy at this time, this is the place to be :)


Red Rock Canyon

In a short 30 minute drive from the strip, you can visit Red Rock Canyon. The admission per car is $15, and you can spend hours checking out the various hiking spots. The nice thing about this site, is the fact that it is a loop which you can drive through. So if you have limited time, you can easily just drive through the scenic route, and if you have more time, you can pullover and enjoy some hiking.


Seven Magic Mountains

This art installation grew in its popularity in the last few years. It's a quick stop to take some great, vibrant photos, but definitely arrive early to avoid crowds. It is free to visit, but people are everywhere, and unless you have photoshop, your photos will not only be of you :)


The Linq Hotel/High Roller

Whenever we are in Vegas for a quick stop, we tend to stay here. Linq is right in the middle of the strip, so it makes it very convenient to move around if needed. The Linq is known for it's High Roller, which essentially is a Ferris wheel from which you can see the whole Vegas skyline. There are lots of cute shops on the way to High Roller, which make for a cool photo opportunity as well.


Las Vegas is what you make of it. If you want to party, gamble, and stay strictly on the strip, more power to you :) However, there is so much more outside of the strip, especially if you love outdoors. In our opinion, Vegas is a perfect destination to fly into, spend a day or two, and then venture out to nearby parks like Death Valley, Zion National Park or even Bryce Canyon. Hope you enjoy your next visit there!


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