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Spend a weekend in Springfield, MO

If you are looking for a Midwest adventure, then exploring Springfield, Missouri is just that! Springfield is home to some of the best activities you will find, along with unique dining experiences and one-of-a-kind accommodation. Whether you are looking for a family trip or a couple’s getaway, Springfield is truly Route 66’s hidden gem that should be experienced by everyone. 

a woman standing in front of a springfield mural

Where to Stay

Address: 305 E Walnut St, Springfield MO 

When visiting Springfield, staying at this boutique hotel is a must! Not only does it have awesome amenities, such as a rooftop bar and suites with spacious balconies, but it’s located in the middle of everything. With its stylish and chic décor, you will find yourself taking photos everywhere. 

Where to Eat

In our opinion, experiencing a new city through eating and trying a variety of dishes is the best way to see what a city has to offer. To our pleasant surprise, there was a lot to choose from, and many of the restaurants were walking distance from the hotel. 

Gailey’s If you are looking for a breakfast spot with nostalgic American grub, then this is it! The restaurant tends to get busy as the day goes on, so if you are an early bird, definitely take advantage of it and grab a table as soon as they open. Everything is full of flavor and the service was outstanding. 

Druff’s This spot is popular for its grilled cheese sandwiches, but their pancakes were top notch, especially if you have a sweet tooth. The old school diner vibe definitely makes you feel like you are on a sitcom set.  

Black Sheep – There are a couple of locations all around the city, but luckily for us, there was one right by the hotel. If you are craving a gourmet burger and an adult shake, then certainly head out here for some deliciousness. Every burger we saw pass by us looked incredible! 

Finley Farms – Finley Farms is a quick 25-minute drive south of Springfield, but well worth it! If you are up for dining while sitting by the river and watching turtles swim, then you won’t be disappointed. The views are incredible, and the food was terrific. They have plenty of outdoor sitting which makes for a serene atmosphere.  

Where to Enjoy Alcoholic Beverage?

Mother’s Brewery – Nestled right in the heart of Springfield is Mother’s Brewery, which should not be missed. They offer lots of all year round and seasonal beer along with tours on Saturdays. They have a huge patio and weekly events for every soul. 

Golden Girl Rum Club – If you are looking for Hawaii/Midwest vibes then this is exactly where you should stop by. Serving exclusively rum based drinks with a tiki vibe, this place should be on everyone’s itinerary. The vibe is very light and colorful, and the drinks are unique and delicious, that will make you want to order more than one for sure! 

Hold Fast Brewing – Looking for live music, dog-friendly patio, open 7 days a week with daily food trucks all year long? Look no further since Hold Fast offers all of that and more. They also have lots of board games, so you can enjoy friendly competition while sipping on some brewskis. 

Vantage Rooftop If you are staying at Hotel Vandivort, then luckily you don’t have to go far since Vantage is located on its rooftop. We came here close to sunset for the perfect city views and delicious cocktails. Make sure to order a couple of spicy margaritas and a charcuterie board and you will be in for a treat! 

Tie & Timber Beer Co. – Grab some tacos from across the street and head over to this neighborhood brewery and enjoy their beers. It is BYOF (bring your own food) so you can bring some grub and enjoy their roomy patio. Make sure to grab a flight to try all the beers they have to offer. If you are not into beer, they also have a full bar and can make some delicious cocktails. 

Where to Have Some Fun?

Fantastic Caverns – Did you know these caves are the ONLY ride-through caves in North America? Stop by and grab a 55-minute tour in a Jeep-drawn tram while enjoying some of the wildest formations. They are open every day from 8am-9-pm and tickets are $22.50 per person. 

Shark Diving at Wonders of Wildlife- Not only is Wonders of Wildlife a gigantic aquarium that is worth seeing, but they also offer shark diving! We had the privilege of being part of a small group that got into a metal cage that sits in the tank where some of the biggest fish live. It was quite an experience and being so close to those creatures was certainly a once in a lifetime adventure. If you are not wanting to do the shark dive, the aquarium on its own has tons to offer. With hundreds of different water species residing here, you can easily spend the entire day in awe of how beautiful nature is. If you plan in advance, you can also do a penguin encounter and feed some of the babies! 

Bee Workshop with Hannah While visiting Finley Farms, make sure to do a class with Hannah and learn all about their bees. This fun experience will make you step into the shoes of a beekeeper and discover their unique perspective on the world of bees. Not only did we get to wear the whole getup, but we also got to explore the hives and look for the queen bee. Hannah was super informative and passionate about what she does, and it taught us so much about these incredible creatures. 

Self-Guided Mural Tour- Springfield has a ton of different, fun, and colorful street murals that are worth checking out. We are always on the lookout for the perfect photo ops, and these murals were exactly what we needed for some fun Instagramable shots. 

Springfield Cardinals MiLB Game- We thought Chicago fans were some of the best fans, but going to this game, Springfield certainly is not one to be messed with! The atmosphere was so fun, and everyone was really into the game, which was awesome to be part of. They have games almost every day, so regardless of the day, you can plan a day and have a great time. 

We hope you fall in love with Springfield just like we did! There is something to do for everyone, and we guarantee you will have the best time. If you’d like to see other Springfield recommendations, check out their site here.


Adri & Kam


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