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Sunday Funday, Cheat-Day with Adri & Kam! SPOTLIGHT: BRGRBELLY Portage Park

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Welcome to our new segment "Sunday Funday, Cheat-Day with Adri & Kam" where we indulge ourselves for a calorie free day, and go HAM on foods we would typically skip or omit certain ingredients, but NOT TODAY SKIPPER!

Lets dive right in.



Location: 5739 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Type: Hamburger Restaurant

Specialty: Burgers

Honorable Mentions: Fries & Adult Shakes

Info: Rock 'n' roll-themed spot serving burgers made with meats ground on-site plus hand-cut fries.


Google: 4.6

Grubhub: 4.6

Doordash: 4.7

UberEats: 4.7


This Rock 'n' Roll-themed spot is a small hidden gem buried in Portage Park neighborhood. It can be easily overlooked, as it sits between residential and commercial buildings, right on Irving Park road. This fine establishment specializes in Burgers, where everything including the bun is made in house. Let's also not forget about their specialty fries, which compliment the burger in a fine manner, and spiked shakes that will go straight to the dome!

So let's get into the business. Their burger patties are prepared as half-pound USDA choice chuck & smoked pork belly blend. Not a fan of pork belly by itself . but in this case the pork belly compliments the beef and keeps it juicy. The combination of those two meats makes it delicious. You can also substitute any burger patty with fried chicken breast, herb marinated grilled chicken breast, or the fancy "Beyond Burger." The variety of burgers can satisfy any stomach, and let us tell you that we have tried them all and we have yet to be disappointed.

Beautiful burger with arugula, over-roasted tomato and goat cheese with truffle aioli
Burger: Old Time Religion

The buns are unique and simply melt in your mouth. Lets not forget to mention that they are baked in-house, which is what makes them so special and fresh.

Besides burgers, their hand-cut fries are amazing in their own way, as they are topped with different styles, from Belly Fries, (with pork belly, if you haven't caught the title) to garlic parm, bleu cheese to polish style.

We personally have not tried their shakes, but apparently they are worth to mention since everyone seems to rave about them.

I think that's a good summary of what BRGRBELLY is all about. We can probably keep on writing about their food since it is so delicious and offers variety of burger for every soul. You can see for yourself by checking out their website for more information:


Cheat-Day Score:

Items: Burger & Specialty Fries

Taste: 10

Portion Size: 7

Calorie Intake: 7

Recipe Ingredients: 10

Presentation: 10



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