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Travel & Camping Must Haves!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

a couple sitting at a mountain top

Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere and your phone dies? Or had to repack at the check-in counter because your bags are overweight? As frequent travelers, we always look for the trendy items that can make our lives easier while on the road. Whether you are flying across the world or road tripping, these items are must haves for those on the go!

This post is sponsored by Vena, FosPower and Fosmon. All opinions are our own.

Vena All- In One Portable Power Bank

This little beauty will charge any phone since it has built in USB-A and Type-C plugs. It has enough power to charge your phone 2-3 times and will easily charge it from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes! Definitely a must-have!

portable power bank

Vena vCommute Wallet Phone Case

This has to be one of my favorite phone cases! Since I hate purses and wallets, I can easily put my credit card within this case and have easy access when having to pay. They also have lots of other stylish and unique options for any phone.

cell phone wallet case

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FosPower Emergency Solar Crank Radio

This fancy little thing can really help you in the worst case scenario! Not only can you send out a SOS alarm for emergencies, it’s also an actual radio, a charger, and a flashlight! So cool!

emergency solar crank radio

FosPower LED Lantern

This portable LED lantern has multiple options for whatever light you need while on your adventure. It’s super light and the top part comes off if you need a wider light spectrum.

LED lantern

FosPower Rain Poncho

Since Mother Nature can be tough on us at times, this is a must to stay nice and dry during those rainy days.

rain poncho

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Fosmon Travel Neck Pillow with Ear Plugs

A memory foam neck pillow for those long flights along with ear plugs, is what everyone needs. It even has an adjustable buckle for a customized fit for any neck size.

travel neck pillow

Fosmon Digital Luggage Scale

No more overweight bags! With this light and compact style, you can take it anywhere and not deal with repacking at the airport.

digital luggage scale

Fosmon TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Comes in sets of 4 with a variety of colors and is perfect to secure your suitcases. It even has an open indicator so you’d know if your bag was searched.

luggage lock

Fosmon Hanging Travel Organizer

With many compartments and ability to hang on a hook, it is the perfect toiletry bag for anyone! Since it folds, it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

travel organizer

So many more tech and travel items from Fosmon here!

a couple sitting in a car trunk

Thanks to Vena, Fosmon, and FosPower accessories, travel became that much more enjoyable and convenient. We hope it will for you too! Use MAPS30 on these products for 30% off and free shipping in the U.S. until December 31, 2022.


Adri & Kam


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