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Visiting Charleston in 48 hours!

Charleston, one of the most visited places in South Carolina, is a must visit if you get a chance. The city itself is located by the ocean and the second you arrive, you feel like you are in a European city. The cobblestone streets, along with the unique architecture and gorgeous dogwood trees, truly showcase the beauty of this city. Since we only had a day and a half to spend here, here are some places that we recommend visiting if you are short on time!

visit charleston SC


Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

This Plantation is one of the oldest ones in the South. You can easily spend an entire day here going through the history and the beautiful terrain it has to offer. It is open everyday 9-5pm, but keep in mind that last tickets are sold at 4pm, so plan accordingly. Definitely a must to visit when in Charleston area.


Cypress Gardens

I am sure everyone has seen or at least heard of "The Notebook". Well this is the place where the famous romantic scene took place where Noah took Allie on a rowboat. As you can see this place is so dreamy, and it only costs $10 per person to get in. There are tons of trails where you can walk around and look for alligators. The best part is, you can take out the rowboat on your own and it's included in the ticket price! It was such an amazing experience even though we were melting in the 95 degree weather with almost 100% humidity!


Rainbow Row

A quick stop for a photo opp once you are in the city, is this place. I mean, the whole city of Charleston is super unique and you can find the perfect backdrop around every corner. Fun fact: this row of colorful houses is the longest cluster of Georgian row of houses in USA. There is 13 of them!


St Phillip's Church

When taking a stroll around Charleston downtown, you will be amazed by the architecture of the churches that are there. St Phillip's church is one of them, and is not to be missed. Right around the corner, there is French Huguenot Church, which is a pink church! A must see since you are already close by.


St. Michael's Church

Built in 1700's, is another sight not to be missed. Honestly wherever you go once you are in Charleston, will be very picturesque, and nothing like anywhere else in the States.


Angel Oak Tree

It is believed this giant beauty is 300-400 years old! Come as soon as it opens, so that you can enjoy it without anyone else there. We came around 9am, and there were already a lot of people there. No climbing; however hugging and touching the tree is welcomed :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick Charleston itinerary! We hope to be back one day for little longer, so we can explore a bit more.

P.S. Don't judge that I wore almost the same dress for majority of this trip, it was beyond humid to wear anything else haha!


Adri & Kam


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