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West Virginia Fall Foliage

Who would have thought we would see the BEST fall in the gorgeous state of West Virginia! As we are on a mission to visit all 50 states, we decided last minute to do a quick road trip and chase the fall colors in this Appalachian state and it did not disappoint! Fun fact: West Virginia is #3 on the list when it comes to the most forested state in USA, so no wonder it is known for its beautiful scenery. Whether you are exploring fall in the next couple weeks or planning ahead for next year, we highly recommend below places.

new river gorge bridge

New River Gorge National Park

A home to one of the highest bridges were people base jump once a year (isn't that wild?!) and 70,000 acres of beautiful land that is just waiting to be explored. Fun fact: 1 Washington monument and 2 statues of Liberty stacked together can fit under the bridge. While here, we highly recommend Endless Wall Trail which is about a 3 mile loop. If you have short time to explore the park, this trail is the best! It is not hard at all, and the views are something you will never forget.

Black Waterfall State Park

This state park is a home to one of the most famous waterfalls in the state, however, because the access to it is very easy, make sure to plan ahead if you don't want to be in middle of the crowd. If you have more time, there is an easy 1.5 mile hike called Lindy Point. At the end of the trail, you will come across one of the best views we have seen in West Virginia. The parking lot is very small, so plan to park on the side if you are visiting during the weekend. Views from the state's main lodge are also very nice if you are driving by and they also have a gift shop inside!

Seneca Rocks

Even if you're running short on time, swing by here to see these amazing views from ground level. If you have time and are fairly fit, hike up! The entire hike is up hill (gaining 900 feet) which takes you to a platform where you can see the whole city. That part is about 1.5 miles one way. If you hike more up (maybe .2 miles) it gets very steep, slippery, and dangerous (I don't advise children to go here). If you have been to Angel's Landing at Zion, it's very much like that just no chains to hold on to. Be smart, be careful, and enjoy the mother nature in the making!

Canaan Valley Chair Lift

Unfortunately the day we got here was super windy, so sadly some trees already lost their leaves. For only $8 this chair lift will take you all the way up to the mountain where people ski during winter. if we got here couple days earlier, I am sure the views were much more stunning, but we still enjoyed the peace and quiet of the lift where you have nothing else to do, but enjoy the moment you are in :)

Scenic Drive Route 150

We are always suckers for a good scenic drive with some amazing overlooks. This route is very popular mainly because of the views, accessibility and it's only 22 miles long. Simply google Big Bruce Overlook, and you will find it.

scenic route 150 west virginia

Dolly Sods

One thing we wish we knew, is that about 10 miles of this road is straight gravel, so you will have to drive slow and ideally have a higher clearance car too. It was certainly worth getting to the top and exploring these gorgeous colorful fields despite of how windy it was (must have been our luck that day). Because of very low light pollution and being very high up, this place is considered to have one of the best start gazing spots!

Summersville Lake

We found this trail by accident, simply because we saw an amazing view as we were driving and decided to see what is out here. Long Point Trail did not disappoint! It is about a 4 mile out and back trail where you walk most of the time in the woods. It is not a popular hike, but the views at the end is where it pays off.

Babcock State Park

This park is highly visited by tourists, mainly because it is a home to Glade Creek Grist Mill. You can guess it is a photographer's paradise with this beautiful backdrop. It gets quite crowded, so definitely plan ahead.

dolly sods

To be very honest, we have never seen such foliage. Make sure to save this post and check back for next year! Hope you will find even more beautiful places than these in West Virginia!


Adri & Kam


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